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Contemporary Boudoir

The most popular genre of photography for women today is contemporary boudoir, and I say, YES!  Contemporary boudoir has arrived, and it is here to stay. Women now are being empowered to love themselves as they are, right here, right now, and celebrate that in full color (or black and white, if that's your preference). 


Women of all shapes, sizes and ages are enjoying this gift of empowerment by treating themselves to a photo session designed specifically for them, showcasing their gorgeous selves in beautifully styled clothing, body jewelry, and of course, satin sheets! 


At relishBoudoir, located in LaurelEye Imagery's studio, this is where the heart and soul of Donna Pradas' passion of photography lives: to show every woman the glamour within, the goddess residing, the siren in hiding.  Women empowering women.  That's the world we all want to live in. 

We start planning your session as soon as you book.  This is when we listen to you and hear what is the story that you want to tell.  What is your vision for your album that we will create?  Is it more on the glamour shots side of portraiture, or are you looking for "for your eyes only" type of private, personal shots, or both!  Not sure what it is?  Donna will show you ways to figure that out.  We will discuss wardrobe, styling, background scenes, poses, examples of other boudoir images to guide us, and any other aspects of the session that there may be questions about.  Our hair and makeup artists, if requested, are fabulous, and fun, and are just as excited about your session as you are.  You will have fun chatting and glamming up right in the studio, and in no time your mirror reveal of your new look will have you jumping out of the chair, ready to go.


And then the fun begins.  Even if you are still a little nervous, within minutes you and Donna will be working as a team to create the most gorgeous pictures of yourself that you have ever seen.  It won't be hard.  Donna will share with you some sneak peaks from the back of her camera, and you will gasp.  And then the magic truly begins.  This woman is loving herself right now.  You can see and feel her joy.  And before you know it, you're posing without prompts.       Low and behold, it will come naturally.   Who is this girl, you'll ask yourself.  And when the session is over, and you're getting ready to leave your session, you will wonder why you were so nervous about doing this; that it was so much fun; that you'll want to do it again.  We know this.  We see this happen EVERY TIME.  

Donna Pradas wants you to do this.  She wants every woman to do this.  This is for your heart and your soul.  You will have a a beautiful custom-made album filled with the most gorgeous images of yourself, something that you will pull out often over the years and sit back and remember the day of your session, and you will thank yourself for this everlasting gift of empowerment and joy.

So let's do this!

                                           OUR COLLECTIONS

The Obsession     $1475

Up to two hour session

Access to client closet

Three Outfit changes

35 Fully edited digital images selected from

a preview gallery of 50+ images

10 page 10x10 deluxe album

2 8x10 professional prints

The Tease           $875

1 1/2 hour session

Access to client closet

Two outfit changes

20 Fully edited digital images and 5x7 prints

selected from a preview gallery of 40+ images

The Sneak Peak    $575

One hour session

Access to client closet

One outfit

10 fully edited digital images selected

from a preview gallery of 25+ images

A $75 retainer fee is due at the time of booking, to be applied to the total purchase price.

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Jennifer Therese 6.jpg
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Jennifer Therese 3.jpg
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DSC_0021 copy.jpg
Jennifer Therese 4.jpg
_DSC6944 copy.jpg
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DSC_8051 copy.jpg
_DSC6612 copy.jpg
_DSC8158 copy.jpg
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_DSC6800 copy.jpg
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