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It is so heartwarming to find that little girls are still having unicorn dreams. During this past holiday season, I was contacted by a few of my clients requesting a special photo session focused on creating magical unicorn images to gift to a special little girl in their life. I was thrilled. There is nothing I love doing more than, first, bringing joy to a little girl's heart, and two, getting a chance to play with my magic wand and create special composite images.

It first starts with planning which background to use. I have a number of unicorn digital backgrounds to choose from, and I am always searching for more. Once the perfect background is selected, I now know just how I have to place my lights during the session to make the merging of the two images seamless.

On session day, we head to my overflowing client closet to select a princess dress that suits our little princess best, and then we have our fun. First we take regular portraits of our little subject glowing in her princess world. She will dance, we will laugh, and this all happens spontaneously as we are having the most fun ever! Once it's time for our special shots, we put up a plain background and pose our little princess to fit perfectly with the unicorn in the background. She has no idea how this will end up, but that is part of the magic -- the magic of the unicorn.

When it's time to end the session, inevitably the little girl begs to take the dresses home, or at least to be able to stay here in the studio for the rest of her life so she can play in the dresses forever. I promise her that she can come back whenever she wants, and that brings comfort to her, knowing that her princess days are not over for good.

And now it's my time to get out my magic wand and create the image that we've been planning. It takes a lot of time and patience to get everything blended just right, but the joy that comes from this entire process is worth every bit of time and energy.

Now we can order prints, wall art, custom made puzzles, t-shirts, mugs -- whatever will best thrill this little girl and send her to sleep each night with a big unicorn princess smile on her face.

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