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The purpose of my girls and women's empowerment sessions is to celebrate female strength, beauty and unique qualities, coming in every age, size, shape and color. The session revolves around a themed concept that conveys the message of female empowerment and encourages self-love and respect, whether through princess gowns and tiaras, or leather-clad, fishnet stocking biker chick lingerie for our adventurous women, and beyond!  Throughout the session we laugh, we cry happy tears, and always reinforce the importance of positive body image and confidence for young girls as they transition into womanhood, and for the grown woman alike, who still struggle with body image and acceptance from within. You will relax and enjoy the process as we create magical images of your best day ever laughing it up and playing dress up with the most amazing wardrobe and props you can imagine.  


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425 Birch Drive, Laurel, NY

Tel:516 768-8944

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